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SAGElib is a Free Software project lincensed under the GPL, which aims to create a generic game design platform. The main code is written in C++ but, the editor and created games will be written in Python. A central part of the SAGElib vision is the graphical editor with which (in the end) you could create any genre of game. It is built on top of libksd, libxml2, and Python 2.2 . For more details, click here.


SAGElib Update
    xevol - 2002-07-06 09:15   -   SAGElib (Scene-Actor Game Engine)
I finally got a little time to devote to SAGElib and there are some new and exciting things. First of all, I finally got around to building the webpage. Its really just a copy of the libksd website. Second, I commited some changes to the library that I had laying around since January. Third, the SAGElib designer now exists in a peliminary form. You can load and edit 2d animations. Hopefully, more will be on the way soon.
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